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"These are the best pies Townsville" is a common thing we hear at Kings. We make the greatest range of ready to eat pies Townsville and always get tradesmen and other lunch 'on the go' people flocking to our Gulliver Street bakery to try one of our great range of pies Townsville. All of our pies Townsville are fresh bakes and ready to eat now when you visit our store and we also have a great range of sausage rolls and other savoury pastries you may like. There are different types of pies Townsville available from us as well including premium beef pies, chilli pies, curry pies, vegetable pies, steak and cheese pies and even pork pies Townsville have been made on occasion.

Our great range of pies Townsville are the perfect meal or snack when you are on the run and they are made fresh in the early hours of each morning so you can rest assured that with Kings you are getting only the best ingredients and pure wholesome goodness available. We also have a range of sauces and drinks for you to grab when you get one of our delicious pies Townsville so you don't need to worry about visiting any other stores to get your meal. Just drop into our store, grab one of our award winning pies Townsville and walk out. Eat the pies Townsville and be satisfied that you had a great lunch.

While we have always been a cake shop in Townsville, for more than 40 years in fact, we found that we could use our great baking facilities and masterful use of all things pastry to apply our skills to the making of great pies Townsville. Since doing this we've never looked back and right now our pies Townsville are enjoyed by many different demographics of hard working Townsville residents every day. Come on in and try our pies Townsville. You can try a different one each day and rest assured knowing you are eating only the freshest made, locally bakes pies Townsville.

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All our fantastic celebratory, wedding, birthday and novelty cakes are freshly baked in house and definitely on the premise right here in Townsville to guarantee their absolute freshness.

King's Cakes are the preferred choice for affordable wedding cakes Townsville, affordable birthday cakes Townsville and any other cake requirements you may have including affordable wedding cakes Townsville. Also contact us for pies Townsville. When you need a scrumptious lunch or a tantalizing cake for “smoko” then drop in and make your selection form our comprehensive range of pies, sausage rolls, cakes and drinks.

Retail: 107 Mooney St. Gulliver Townsville
Phone: (07) 4779 2861

Kings Cakes Townsville is one of the longest established Townsville cake shop in the area with over 45 years experience. We specialise in producing all types of custom made cakes and have a special event division setup to cater to the timely requirements of our Wedding cakes Townsville customers who have a high importance on getting their cakes delivered on schedule. While we can also provide cakes for any occasion, even if you just want a cake for no particular reason, we also specialise in the skilled preparation of Birthday cakes Townsville - another vitally important part of our everyday business that has strict efficiency placed on all orders. If you are in need of cakes Townsville for any event or occasion bookings are essential so please use the contact page of our website to place all orders and our helpful staff will be able to give you advice and answer any of your questions. As a side business to our very successful cake enterprise we have also setup a specialised pies Townsville division where we have a daily selection of delicious pies and sausage rolls available from our Townsville store that are baked fresh every day.


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